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It isn’t easy to run a successful and profitable business in the online casino niche. Being currently valued at $52 billion and expected to reach up to $92.9 billion by the end of the year, the online gambling market is one of the most competitive ones. But if managed properly, it can promise massive gains; this is where casino PBN backlinks will come in handy. They will help you build a strong link profile for your online casino site and get you the high ranks you desire for your casino website.

Creating a strong link profile for gambling projects is a challenge. A few sites want to post guest posts with links to online casino sites. What’s more, their rates are significantly overpriced, and domain authority is far from perfect. But with private blog networks, this problem is resolved.

Why Choose a HighRoller Agency for PBN Services?

Site Ownership
Site Ownership

Having your own casino PBN network allows you to experiment and see what works best. PBNs provide you with more linking-building opportunities, allowing you to select the ideal option.

Unique Content
Unique Content

Using our team of professional copywriters in the niche, we will deliver quality content that is properly researched, authentic, and SEO optimized for your needs.

Link Building
Quality links

Instead of posting as many random links as possible, we will ensure that your site’s link profile is built on authoritative and reputable PBN sites only.


Your sensitive project details and optimization strategies will never be shared with third parties. We can even hide your PBN for gambling backlinks from competitors.

Perfect history
Perfect history

With our key focus being on the iGaming niche and many years of experience, we know what it takes to bring gambling projects to the top of SERPs.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

Whether you have any questions about the progress of your project or need to clarify some details about our PBN services, you can always reach out to us.

We can help you dominate the competition and bring in more traffic than ever before.

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PBN Setup Process

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Step 1. Search for Trusted Domains

Building quality private blog networks starts with domain search. The biggest challenge when creating a PBN for casino sites is having trusted domains with high authority and top metrics. In order to systematically find them in the required volume, a number of services and their APIs are required. We have found options for scanning and analyzing millions of domains faster and cheaper. As a result, you will get a list of trusted domains custom-selected for your target niche and project.

Step 2. Content Writing

Writing the right content comes on par with domain search. We create a list of technical requirements for every task and immediately send it to our team of copywriters for work. As a result, we get the right content at the right time. Our editors carefully check the digital copy for writing quality, accuracy, and plagiarism. As a result, you get content that will be ranked highly by search engines.

Step 3. Setting up a Site

Once we have the content and domains ready, we move on to site setup. At this point, we pay attention to two important things. We ensure content uniqueness and take into account all possible footprints. We use a number of checklists to help prevent your PBN network from being detected by Google. For this purpose, we have made a tool that helps track PBN activity, and if a malfunction occurs, we quickly fix the problems. As a result, the private blog networks that we create function effectively and are not banned by search engines, which is the most important thing in the long run.

Step 4. Satellite Management and Reference Accounting

We use special software to understand the health of a network of PBN sites and whether they give a return. We are constantly improving our tools to help us effectively monitor hundreds and thousands of sites. We will share access to this software solution with you and teach you how to use it after the PBN for casino sites is built. Thus, you will be able to check the health of the network of sites and fix any issues in a timely manner.

Step 5. Providing Recommendations for Link Building

Once the private blog network is ready, we will help you develop your project and send link building instructions that will help you achieve your target goals in your target niche. Of course, it is essential to get a highly functional PBN, but it is no less important to ensure the right project dynamics in the future. We will help you with this. With our link-building recommendations, you will know what you need to do so that you get the maximum out of your private blog network.

PBN Setup Services for Gambling Sites

PBN Setup Services for Gambling Sites

Getting your website into the top 10 is the foundation for consistent organic traffic. This is where SEO optimization and its primary strategy, link-building, come into play. Previously, purchasing a large number of links to any resource was sufficient. However, search engines now analyze the donor sites’ naturalness and quality. It turns out that the PBN setup is both simpler and less expensive. And professional PBN setup services for gambling sites from the Highroller Agency will be of great help in this regard.

With our PBN service for gambling backlinks, you can be sure of the donor’s connection quality. PBNs are retrieved from high-quality drops with a solid and clean link profile, a clean history, and decent original content. Besides that, your PBN links will always be yours. The best thing about PBN gambling backlinks on the donor site page is that they are permanent, bringing in more traffic and improving the site’s ranking in search engines. Thus, you have complete control over everything! The private blog network may be expanded and updated at any time. This helps you to adapt to any circumstance and obtain as much traffic as possible.

Our Pricing

Lite Plan
$1225 / 5 PBNs
    • Domain: TF 7+
    • Majestic Domain 15+
    • Ahrefs domains 20+
    • 1 year hosting service
    • 3 articles (450-500 words)
    • SSL (+$20)
    • Tier-2 Links (+$20)
    • 1 month support
    • Language: English
Standard Plan
$1650 / 5 PBNs
    • Domain: TF 10+
    • Majestic Domain: 20+
    • Ahrefs domains: 25+
    • 1 year hosting service
    • 5 articles (450-500 words)
    • SSL (+$20)
    • Tier-2 Links (+$20)
    • 1 month support
    • Language: English
Pro Plan
$2625 / 5 PBNs
    • Domain: DR 5+ | TF 15+
    • Majestic Domain: 30+
    • Ahrefs domains: 35+
    • 1 year hosting service
    • 8 articles (450-500 words)
    • SSL
    • Tier-2 Links
    • 6 months support
    • Language: English
Custom Plan
    • Domain: Custom
    • Majestic Domain: Custom
    • Ahrefs domains: Custom
    • 1 year hosting service
    • Articles: Custom
    • SSL
    • Link Building: Custom
    • Support: Custom
    • Language: Custom


How Many PBN Links Do I Need for TOP-1 in Casino Niche?

Realistically, it is difficult to assess the required number of PBN links that you need to buy for the top 1 in the casino niche. We recommend that you do an analysis of your top-performing competitors and start with small networks of 10 or more casino PBN backlinks. You can then analyze the results and increase your link mass as you move further. Your link mass should be dynamic and grow evenly.

Can You Hide My PBN Network from Competitors?

Yes, our PBNs are safe, and we can hide them from crawling by popular SEO tools (Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.). Only you and the search engines will know about the presence of PBN links in your link profile. Thus, no one will ever ban you or copy your link-building strategies to overcome you in the rankings.

How Many Times Should You Link to Your Money Site from a PBN?

We recommend leaving PBN links as long as they bring results and work. Some of our clients have been keeping networks for more than four years. The best thing about having a private blog network is that you are the owner of the site and the links. You can manage them as you want.

How Long Does It Take to Create 10 PBNs?

It all depends on the criteria for choosing PBN sites and GEO. On average, we can do a full setup of 10 sites within 25-40 days. This includes the selection of trusted domains, content delivery, setting up a site, managing satellite systems, and reference accounting. When using our PBN setup services, you also get effective link-building recommendations from us that will help you reach the top of SERPs in iGaming in the shortest time possible.

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