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The online gambling market is an ever-growing one. It is currently valued at 59 billion US dollars and is anticipated to jump to 92.9 billion US dollars by 2023. With such prominence and forecasted growth, it is hardly surprising that many players are in the industry.

Every month, companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to be at the very top of the pile and become the best online casino. One of the key strategies companies employ is casino link building services.

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO). Simply put, link building means linking web pages to each other by acquiring hyperlinks from other websites and applying them to your website. Link building helps to achieve more visibility and organic search results, higher ranking and engagement, and proper brand positioning. The quality and quantity of links compared to your competition is also a major ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm.

Backlink Audit
Backlink Audit
Link Building
White Label Link Building
Link Building Strategy
Link Building Strategy
Outreach Links
Outreach Links
Homepage Links
Homepage Links
PBN Links
PBN Links
Data Driven Approach

We employ efficient approaches derived from the results of extensive research, studies, and surveys. Our services offer casino backlinks that work. With years of experience in the industry we have tested various methods and only use the tactics that have produced results for clients in the past. We believe that due to our approach, we can satisfy every growth-focused casino site owner’s needs.

Link Building Monitoring

We work with your team to make sure that the link building process is completed in a timely manner and at every stage of it. We monitor each task, making certain quality standards are met in every step of your backlink execution.

Gambling Niche Experts

We have spent over a decade on link building for gambling websites. With keen attention to the gambling niche, we have gathered the required experience to transition your brand into a frontline authority within the iGaming industry.

Own Internal SEO Tools

We have a list of trusted, internally developed tools for analyzing competition and trends among competitors within the niche. Thanks to our precise techniques, we can see the real picture and build the right link-building strategy for your business. With this, we can conduct gambling industry link building from the very start to the end.

White Hat Link Building Tactics

We execute our roles using pristine white hat link building tactics. We strive to maintain the goodwill that we have built over our long years of service in link building for iGaming industry. In order to do this we do not use any link building methods that could be flagged by Google as unnatural or risk your site being put under manual review or worse de-indexed!


For us, the goal is to help you beat the teeming competition within the iGaming niche. Hence, the expected result of each project determines the casino link building techniques and tools we adopt.

We can help you dominate the competition and bring in more traffic than ever before.

Step 1. Competitor Analysis

This is the first step in executing our link building projects for gambling sites. Once we initiate an SEO backlink deal with iGaming site owners, we start the project with thorough research into the true, effective, and winning patterns around links, structures, competitors, and content that have been adopted by top brands. Since the competitors are already ranking high in the results page, we know these links are verified to produce the best iGaming search engine optimization results.. Finally, we analyze the competition for results that bring our brands to top-ranking positions within the niche.

Step 2. Strategy Planning

This is where we commence the real work of link building for iGaming sites. Now that we have the necessary themes and patterns to adopt in building your strategy, we go on to fit these individual plans into a detailed SEO strategy that would meet the peculiarity of your link building gambling site need while optimizing resources to produce the best results.

During this procedure, we run an evaluation of your online casino in tandem with the operations in your niche. With this information, we draft the realizable short-term and long-term goals while creating a roadmap of workflows and deliverables for achieving the set goals.

Step 3. Outreach

Here is when we buy casino backlinks and begin to implement  the outlined strategy on your casino website. At this point in our iGaming link building service, we create a work plan of tasks and personnel, create deadlines for each task, and engage the expertise of our network of result-driven SEO backlink professionals.

Our outreach operation framework is incremental and depends on an efficient tracking system that monitors the marginal result recorded with every additional backlink to our strategy.

Step 4. Content Creation

Having created an effective strategy and highlighted viable sources of backlinks for purchase, we then go on to broaden the structure of the strategy with appealing content that outlines the unique value proposition of your casino.

In executing our link building service for casino sites, we have a team of excellent content creation professionals who complement our gambling link building services. With the use of well-crafted words, quality informative images and videos, and other content mediums, we ensure that the target audience will be fascinated by your brands and create the desired buzz for brand recognition.

Step 5. Deliver Results

This point is the final stage of our gambling link building process. This is where we provide results from your investment in link building for gambling. We give you the progress report on your search engine optimization rank. We also make projections for future results and maintenance tactics. Our unrivaled gambling link building experience enables us to calculate and predict your expected results accurately.


You cannot beat the competition by simply copying what everyone else is doing.
Without professional link building for iGaming, the best your casino brand may achieve is a second page ranking on search engines. While this may seem like a cost-intensive investment, you can’t compromise on quality.

At HighRoller, we build resourceful businesses
You can get high-quality backlinks for casino websites at a very affordable cost. In other words, we can help you scale your website at the lowest cost. Our dedicated team of specialists will do everything necessary to improve your ranks, so you can rest assured that your site is in capable hands.

Are you considering link building for your casino website?
We’re here with all the information that will help get things moving in the right direction. Simply send us an email or give us a call today!

Basic Plan
// Month
  • 10 links package
  • DR: 25+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
Standard Plan
// Month
  • 15 links package
  • DR: 40+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
Pro Plan
// Month
  • 20 links package
  • DR: 50+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
Top Plan
// Month
  • 30 links package
  • DR: 60+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach


Yes, link building for iGaming sites is still one of the most effective ways to join the league of top-ranking gambling companies with brand visibility and domain authority. Planning a long-term strategy without gambling backlinks is not a sustainable business model.

Waiting for links to naturally happen is risky and will result in you creating lots of content that no-one knows about. An active link building campaign is vital to improving your rank position on search engines.

When talking about price, we like to avoid the use of adjectives like “cheap.” Instead, we would rather be referred to as marketable and affordable. Also, we avoid cheap SEO backlinks for casinos with no guaranteed quality. At HigherRoller, we only provide quality backlinks that achieve results.

There is no debate about the impact of casino backlinks on rankings among online casinos. The casino industry operates a tight competition that makes it impossible to rank at the top among industry giants without substantial investments in quality links. While this may be possible within other less competitive business niches, the answer for the casino niche is plain No!

To start on our iGaming link building campaign, you need to look at our quality link building packages. When you have made a decision that suits your need, the next step will be to drop us a service application on our website. Upon receiving your application, a member of our well-trained specialists will contact you to proceed with the process.

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